Top 10 Baby Care Products – DIY Gift Hamper

One of the most useful gifts I was given as a new mum was a hamper of baby products. Many of the items I planned to buy as needed, but as it turned out having them in the house saved my partner a late night dash to the 24 hour Tesco store.
So when my friend Rachel was due I decided to make my own hamper and include my Top 10 Baby Care Products. I bought a very pretty box from Homestore & More – €3.99 for a set of 2, used some leftover ribbon and added a cute teddy for effect. I was really pleased with the result.
So What’s inside!!!!….
No 1. – Caldesene Nappy Powder
We’ve tried the lot when it comes to conquering nappy rash – Sudocream, Vaseline, Aveeno, Benpanthen and while the girls never had a bad rash, their peachy bottoms were never perfectly clear. That’s until our pharmacist recommended Caldesene. ‘Its old fashioned but it works! ’ ……..and it really does work! Plus it’s easier to clean off the skin and I imagine the girls prefer a light dusting of powder to gunky cream all over their tushies. I always sing, ‘we do the shake and vac and put the freshness back’ as it goes on.
No 2 – Nurofen for Children
One evening Hope had a temperature. I gave her Calpol as I normally would to tackle it, but on this occasion the Calpol wasn’t working. I quickly called a GP friend of mine who told me I’d have to take her to A&E if I couldn’t get it down, but that I could try a dose of Nurofen first. It worked within 15 minutes, Hope settled off to sleep, I avoided a long night in A&E and I was able to take her to the GP at a civilised hour the next day.
No 3 – Teetha Granules
These tiny sachets of homeopathic chamomile granules really work and avoid me having to give the girls stronger medication often. They are tricky to administer as you have to aim for under the tongue, but they have an instant soothing effect and stop the excessive dripping that comes with teething. They can also be given every 2 hours which is great when the munchkins are grumbly.
No 4 – Coconut Massage Oil
I know that using lots of product on babies skin is often frowned upon, but just once or twice a week after bath time I like to give the girls a little massage. I’m not fussy about what I use and have no hippy dippy notions re the benefit of coconut oil, but I just love the smell! Babies naturally smell amazing, but babies perfume plus coconut is heavenly.
No 5 – NUK Soothers 0-6 months
In hospital the girls had adorable preemie soothers, not much bigger than a cotton bud. As they grew though we really struggled to find the right brand to move on to. Most were far too big and the choice is honestly mindboggling. Our pharmacy literally has a wall full of them! In the end I stumbled across NUK, because in truth they matched one of the girls’ outfits (shameful I know!), but I’m really glad I did. They love them.
No 6 – Tesco Wet Wipes
You’d think wet wipes were just wet wipes, but no… Water Wipes are far too wet and the packets of other brands don’t seal very well. I think Tesco are the best. They are cheap, not too wet and the packet has a plastic lid that clips shut. In fact, I’m a massive fan of Tesco baby products generally. Their €7 euro bath seats made splash time fun for everyone rather than a crippling arm and shoulder workout for me.
No 7 – Tommy Tippee Care Kit
This item is a little more expensive (approx €22) so you may wish to miss it out, but I use the brush, nail clippers, nose sucker and thermometer on a weekly basis. The set also includes a comb, toothbrush and nail files.
No 8 – Tissues
I honestly think we must get through 400-500 tissues per month. I prefer using them to muslins when I feed the girls and there are numerous other accidents, dirty noses etc.. to deal with. Again Tesco is the winner for me. Their Luxury Soft Tissues cost just 69 cent for a box of 72 and I find the empty boxes also make great nappy bag dispensers.
No 9 – Nasal Drops
These are a must have to use in conjunction with the nose sucker in your Tommy Tippee set. I can’t tell you how much satisfaction it gives me to clear out the girls noses. Gross I know, but they giggle the whole way through. You can get nasal spray and drops, but I worry the spray is a bit harsh and you can refill the drop bottle with saline solution rather than keep buying more which can be pricey.
No 10 – Saline Solution
Following on from No.9 saline solution is a great one. It’s cheap and you can use it as nasal drops or to clean eyes.
I hope you have found this useful and Happy Hampering if you decide to put one together.
Kate & The Warriors xx


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  1. Katrina says:

    Ah wow – your blog is fab!! Can’t wait to read again ☺️


  2. Janet Hill-Gibbs says:

    What a useful blog …… great ideas for the new mum. Keep blogging please!!


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