How to Magic Up a Third Bedroom

When our house purchase fell through in Jan 2016 we looked at the Dublin housing market and simply said ‘no more’! We would have to stick it out in our rented 2 bedroom apartment for as long as possible.

With that I went into nesting and storage frenzy. The biggest problem we faced was that the twins were moving into cots, and putting them in the spare room together wasn’t an option. So how to magic up a third bedroom from thin air?

As a child I had loved sleeping in the cupboard under our stairs. It got me thinking…. could our roomy storage cupboard become a nursery? Measuring just 1.5 x 3 metres I had absolutely no idea, but I must admit I’m thrilled with the result.

We have lovingly named it Molly’s Cupboard.

We obviously have to keep the door fully open at all times and I make sure it gets well aired during the day, but Molly has been sleeping there soundly for 2 months now.

My favourite buy was this little LED nightlight from Homestore & More. The room has no electricity socket so at just 4.99 Euro this is a safe and ideal way to help me see what I’m doing in the middle of the night. It also makes the room look really cosy at bedtime.

Ta Da! Our 2 bed is now a 3! Well 2.5 but its working for us.

Love Kate & The Warriors xx


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