Pocket-sized Emergency Toy Kit

Getting out of the house with the girls is often a mad rush. It involves grabbing the key essentials as you leave. I’m yet to forget milk or nappies; but my phone, fiancé and the girls’ favourite toy ‘Freddie the Frog’ often get left behind in the chaos. Minutes later I’m in the doctor’s waiting room or a toy-sparse cafe with nothing to entertain them.

So I started carrying a few bits and bobs in my nappy bag which I have since turned into a pocket-sized Emergency Toy Kit. I find in much easier than taking bulky toys with me and the girls love the interaction.

I have a friends baby shower next month and so I’ve gift wrapped a kit for her.

The kit contains: Long Ribbon (Tiger – ‎€2 for 3m), Multicoloured Balloons (Tesco – 10 Pack ‎€2.25), Finger Puppet (Ikea – Pack of 10 ‎€6), Pocket Square (stolen from Dad’s draw), Teething Rings (cut off one of the girls’ less exciting toys).

The ribbon and the balloon are especially good for entertaining two babies at once. Keepie uppie has them mesmerised and it’s also excellent for circus training as I found out with Hope (see video below)! I use the pocket square for peek-a-boo.

It’s true what they say about not having to spend a fortune on toys to keep children busy.

Love Kate and The Warriors xx





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