Fast Food A Cut Above The Rest

I want to give a shout out to local butchers. In south Dublin they are doing fab things with superb quality meat. You can pick up beautifully marinated chicken breasts, chops and ribs which make healthy delicious meals quicker than you can order a takeaway. Moreover, they are incredibly good value.

I paid a visit to my favourite, The Village Butcher in Ranelagh to stock up on dinners for the week. I spent 27 Euro on 1 x Harissa Coated Roaster Chicken, 2 x Lemon and Lime Chicken Breasts on the Bone, 2 x Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Breasts on the Bone, 2x Minted Lamb Burgers and 4 x Pork Belly Ribs (ok, so this last one isn’t so healthy but very yummie!)

I then went to Tesco to compare the price of a like-for-like basket. The Village Butcher came out €3 more expensive, but just look at the difference. The Tesco meat looks dull by comparison and I’d happily pay €3 extra to save on prep work and washing up.

Tonight we tried the Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Breasts and they were delicious. We ate them with new potatoes and summer greens (courgette, spinach, peas and spring onions with mint and lemon to finish).

I started preparing meals and leaving cooking instructions for my ‘can’t cook / won’t cook’ fiancé a few months ago. We found we were eating super late after putting the girls to sleep. This works really well and means there is a hot dinner and a glass of wine waiting for me at 8ish. I just have to plan meals that I can prep in 5-10 mins while the girls entertain themselves.

Happy munching, love Kate & The Warriors xx

Tried and Tested: The Village Butcher (Ranelagh), Nyhan Bros (Dundrum), Dunnes of Donnybrook.

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