Wacky Weaning

Because I love to cook I don’t do well with fussy eaters. So much so I once ended a relationship with a lovely man because all he ever ordered was soup and steak. Bonkers maybe, but I just couldn’t imagine life with someone who wouldn’t share an indulgent seafood platter!

I have no idea if I will be able to avoid the girls becoming fussy eaters. I should think it is largely pot luck. But my gutt says if I can introduce them to a huge variety of flavours early on I have a better chance.

I stuck to stewed apple and banana porridge while they were getting used to being spoon fed, but then last week I upped the ante. I had a go with Pea and Ham first. Total fail! I was convinced Trout and Broccoli would end the same way, but it turned out to be a massive hit. In hindsight I think pea and ham was just not wet enough.

(The Proof)


Since then Carrot & Cinnamon and Celeriac & Apple have also been winners. I really recommend trying these. Parsnip and Lemon was so so and Chicken & Potatoe with Lemon Thyme was always going to be popular. Tomatoe & Basil Polenta however was a disaster. It got spat out very deliberately, with added gagging for effect.

Next up we have Lamb with Minted Pea & Courgette. Then I plan to try Cauliflower with Cumin & Turmeric and Carrot & Grapefruit.

I’m also thrilled with a NUBY net I bought. Molly loves cold pieces of mango and strawberries in there. I think it helps with her teething as well as tasting nice. (Note: she also enjoyed frozen banana, but it turned the net brown which didn’t look very nice and wouldn’t wash off. So I had to buy a new one.)

I’ll let you know how tomorrow’s lamb goes down and I’ll post a weaning update in a few weeks with other successes and fails. My poor children!!

Love Kate, Molly & Hope xxx

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