Hi, welcome to TwentyFingersTwentyToes.

The stars are our warrior twin daughters MOLLY & HOPE. We became an instant family of four in December 2016, when they made an early break for freedom at just 30 weeks. Despite being tiny, they breezed through a 6 week stay in the ICU at Holles St Hospital in Dublin. They have since gone from strength to strength and are fearless, amazing babies. There is a lot to do, but they are easy to care for and make life a joy.

Then there’s myself – Kate (The Mum). I have always loved a project – cake decorating, painting, gardening etc… I’m also a big fan of food; cooking and eating it! Sadly time in the kitchen has gone from leisurely saturday afternoons and chic delis to 15 minute scrabbles and Tesco deliveries, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I should also mention my wonderful partner Conor (The Dad). He is a superb father, great with a camera and looks damn sexy when washing up! Love you x

So this is simply a blog about us. I hope it will always be full of our latest projects, the food we love to eat, the products we think are great and perhaps a little bit of advise for new twin mums when something really important crops up. If nothing else it will be a fantastic record for the girls to look back on when they are older.

Lots of love, Kate & The Warriors xx